Special Occasion Cakes

Bakery Treats


Available in a variety of flavours:

Chocolate: rich chocolate cake with creamy chocolate buttercream

Vanilla Bean: light vanilla cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream

Lemon: vanilla cake with lemon filling and tangy lemon buttercream

Mocha: vanilla cake with rich coffee buttercream

Swiss Mocha: chocolate cake with rich coffee buttercream

Fudge: rich chocolate cake with chocolatey fudge icing

Red Velvet: traditional red velvet cake with rich cream cheese icing

White Chocolate: vanilla cake with creamy white chocolate butterecream

Black & White: chocolate cake with creamy white chocolate buttercream

Hazelnut: vanilla cake with hazelnut buttercream and Frangelico liqueur

Frangelico: chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, hazelnuts and Frangelico liqueur

Carrot Cake: Rich homemade carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese icing

Banana Cake: a traditional recipe banana cake with fluffy cream cheese icing

Dulce de Leche: vanilla cake with Dulce de Leche filling and vanilla buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake: (seasonal) vanilla cake with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Fresh Fruit: (seasonal) vanilla cake with seasonal fresh fruits and fresh whipped cream


*Please allow a minimum of 3 Business days notice for standard birthday cakes. Custom cake orders require more notice.  We ask for more lead time during Special Occasion and Holiday times.
Rush orders are subject to a 20% surcharge.

* Wedding Cakes should be booked a minimum of 3 months in advance. Please note that Wedding Cake consultations are by appointment only.