Light and flakey, served cold or warm with a little butter,  Sugar Dust Bakery scones come in a multitude of flavours;  cheese, orange cranberry, blueberry-lemon, chocolate almond, apple and cinnamon, maple pecan – baked fresh daily.


There is nothing quite like a light, sumptuous scone.  Sugar Dust Bakery time-honoured scones are baked fresh daily and can be enjoyed cold or warm with a little butter.

Cheddar: For the savoury palette, our cheddar scones are made with creamy cheddar cheese.

Orange Cranberry: The perfect breakfast scone made with plump cranberries and fresh orange zest.

Blueberry-Lemon: Blueberry and Lemon bursting with bountiful flavour.

These scones are so good we they don’t stick around for long.  Please call ahead if you would like to place an order.